Our Product

Fraser Valley Packers is an industry leader in packaging fresh and frozen blueberry. At the completion of the 2012 blueberry season, it became apparent that we have become the largest volume blueberry packing house in British Columbia.

We packaged over 10 million pounds of fresh blueberry for our buyers  and it is shipped all over the world from the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and China. We also packaged 9 million pounds of frozen blueberry and are storing it to ship to buyers worldwide throughout the year.

We use the best in automated technology to optimize our packaging process and adhere to the strict quality control standards we have set in place.

Fresh Blueberry Packing Sizes

  • 12 by 4.4 oz clamshell
  • 12 by 6 oz clamshell
  • 12 by 1 dry pint
  • 18 by 18 oz clamshell
  • 12 by 2lb
  • 8 by 2.75 lb

Our frozen blueberry is graded to strict quality standards. Our unique processing techniques allow us to seal in the juices and natural flavors of the berries while maintaining the original shape of each berry. Our IQF Blueberries are packed in corrugated fiber cartons or resealable poly bags. This ensures that each IQF berry is “fresh frozen” and protected from damage or shipping shock.

We have 3 grades of frozen which are; large, small and assorted.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Blueberries

  • IQF Large – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Medium 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Small – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Assorted – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Polybag sizes ranges between 600 gram to 2.2 kgs or 5 lbs
  • Other sizes are available (Please send a inquiry)


Case Frozen

  • Canada Grade A 30lb Case size graded
  • Canada Grade B 30lb Case size graded
  • Blueberry Juice Stock 350lb drum
  • Blueberry Puree Stock 350lb drum

If you are interested in finding out about how to partner with Fraser Valley Packers and inquire about blueberries please contact us directly at info@fraservalleypackers.com .