Our Plant

Fraser Valley  Packers Inc. ‘ processing plants are committed to the highest standards of Food Safe Production and Quality. FDA, USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency controls are strictly adhered to. Field scouts monitor the growing process from the field to the processing plant, ensuring the highest food safety standards are met every time. The Individually Quick Freezing process, or I-Q-F, is a state-of-the-art processing technology that guarantees the finest quality “frozen” product on the market. This unique process seals in the juices and natural flavours while maintaining the berries’ original shape. Product integrity is a core value for Fraser Valley Packers Inc., and the tracking and traceability labelling system can identify any single packaged serving and trace it back to the exact day and facility from which it was shipped.


  • Over six lines 
  • Best technology including; color sorters, soft sorters, volume fillers, etc.
  • Automated for utmost quality control


  • Automated
  • IQF tunnel (individually quick frozen) with a 7,000lb/hr capacity
  • Pre-cooling belts
  • Soft and colour sorters
  • Automated Poly Bag filling machines

Beautiful Berries, Incredible Taste.

Fraser Valley Packers Inc. is an industry leader in packaging fresh and frozen blueberries. After the 2012 blueberry season, it became apparent that we have become the most significant volume blueberry packing house in British Columbia.

We package over 10 million pounds of fresh blueberries for our buyers, and it is shipped all over the world from the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and China. We also package millions of pounds of frozen blueberries and are storing them to ship to buyers worldwide throughout the year.

Dedicated to tried and authentic farming practices and committed to customer partnerships, these values, coupled with unmatched work ethic, are why Fraser Valley Packers Inc. can grow the highest quality, sweetest tasting, best for you blueberries in the marketplace.

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