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Within hours of being harvested from the certified farms, the Berries are brought to our processing facility where they are cleaned and packed using state of the art technology to preserve their remarkable flavor and quality.

Once received the berries are assigned GIC codes (grower identifications codes) for tracebility.  This GIC number follows the product through all the steps in the processing procedure and can be traced back from the retailer.

The product is graded by our trained quality control technicians and scheduled for processing accordingly to preserve the quality and flavor of the fruit.

For maintaining highest standard of food safety, stringent HACCP principles are followed to ensure the highest quality of the fruit.

Currently, the company has a staff of 300 in production, delivery, and sales in Canada.

Under their brands, Whistler Fresh for fresh berries and Super Blue for their frozen products, “FVP” assures their customers for quality, value and sweet taste from the world’s finest blueberry growing region.

The Company proudly supplies fresh berries for the Driscoll Brand, California Giant and frozen for the world renowned Dole Brand.

“FVP” processed 20 million pounds of blueberries in the year 2012 and is committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Certified by FDA, GFSI and Canadian Food Inspection from the fields to the processing plant, “FVP” is committed for best quality and customer satisfaction.

“FVP” is also committed in continuous improvement through research & innovation in the area of food science & food safety.