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Quality Control

Fraser Valley Packers Inc. embarked on a program intended to raise the level of its food safety commitment and to maintain its position as North America’s leading marketer of fresh and frozen Berries. The 2002 harvest season saw the first year of FVP’s complete integration of their food safety initiative and the results were an overwhelming success. Our food safety programs provide third party verification for our Food Safe Production Program. Our Certified Quality Control Technicians constantly monitor the quality of the fruit during the packing stage. We pack our fruit in conformity with USDA standards and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s HACCP program.

FVP’s packing house is required to adhere to a stringent set of food safety requirements including:

  • Detailed, documented HACCP program certificated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Identified critical control points.
  • Multiple self-inspection audits.
  • SQF Certified (Please click here to view certificate)
  • Annual audits by CFIA quality control staff.
  • FDA approved facility
  • Kosher Certified

Our processing facility and surrounding areas are inspected by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) the primary agency responsible to regulate the HACCP program at Fraser Valley Packers. Along with this particular system, we have many programs, policies and procedures in place to make every effort to ensure the highest quality products possible. The driving force behind FVP’s Food Safety efforts has been the growing concern and importance of food safety and the need to satisfy customers and consumers alike in their desire for a safe food supply.

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All packages are individually coded and have the ability to be traced back to its original farm, field, and time of packing. This enables us to track each clamshell from the consumer back to the farm and field. Each outgoing shipment is graded through random samples to ensure only the highest quality fresh blueberries are shipped to our customers.